Northumberland County Wedding Musician


Jeff Biggar is a freelance guitarist, vocalist and music educator who proudly hails from the town of Cobourg! With an eclectic taste and appreciation for all types of music, Jeff can provide you with tasteful and unique arrangements of the music that truly reflect you and your partner. Whether you’re looking to dress up a guilty pleasure pop tune or hoping to have your guests get in on the fun and make requests during cocktail hour, Jeff’s attention to detail and performance experience will ensure the music at your wedding is personalized and memorable.

Tell us about your business! 

Every aspect of your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner, and the soundtrack is certainly no different. Jeff Biggar prides himself on working closely with wedding clients to provide customized music offerings for services, cocktails, dinners and first dances. From remote cottage settings to large scale venues, (TIFF Lightbox, AGO) Jeff’s portable setup allows for music in a variety of settings. Born and raised in Cobourg Ontario, Jeff holds degrees in music education and guitar performance, has toured Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean, and draws from a wide range of genres and eras during his performances.

How did you get started?

My path to wedding music seems almost serendipitous in that it provides me with an opportunity to bridge what for a long time felt like disconnected passions. Like most budding guitarists, I grew up learning songs off of my favourite records, and by the end of high school my interests had evolved into the pursuit of a university degree in classical guitar performance. Feeling somewhat torn between my allegiance to the academic and formal approach to music and my love of the open mic experience, playing at weddings has come to be the perfect combination of both. With some guidance from those already working in the field and the power of word of mouth, I have been able to share what I love to do and help contribute to what are really important and meaningful moments for wedding couples.

Who/What inspires you?

I am lucky to come from a very close family, and they all motivate me in different ways to pursue what I love. My high school music teacher continues to be a template of the person I’d like to become. I love being able to put the guitar down and travel; getting away and learning more about the places I visit seems to re-energize me when I get home.

Three key words to describe your work/style/service:

1. Classic
2. Tailored
3. Polished

What are your daily must-haves?

1. Biography/Autobiographies (currently reading one on Little Richard).
2. Curated Spotify playlist of tunes to learn.  
3. My Martin OM-28.
4. Glass of OJ in the morning (sorry, no java!).
5. Snuggle sessions with my cat Frank.